Targeting Tips

What to Do When You Are Being Targeted

  • Keep yourself safe all the time.
  • Change your day and night routines along with your destination routes to work, school, gym, friends’ houses, shopping malls, and other places because the gang stalking group who have targeted you know what you do and where you go.
  • Document everything. Dates, times, and incidents that happen directly to everything link them to you.
  • Keep all your information safe if need be made duplicate copies on a hard copy or flash drive. Guard it with your life.
  • Keep your phone with you all the time for safety and emergency measures.
  • Take pictures and video recordings of perpetrators who are loitering near your home. Keep this safe too.
  • Let your family and friends be aware of what’s happening and that you’re a target. Let more people who know about this for a better and safer living.
  • Never stop documenting your harassment and keep a diary or journal of your findings and upload them to social media and your emails.
  • Ignore the perpetrators. They thrive off of your attention-negative or positive. Starve that attention and feed your focus.
  • Gang stalkers thrive on isolation to control their victims more.
  • Don’t be afraid of them.
  • Hit the lights in and out of your house that perpetrators hate.
  • Invest in home and personal security, especially surveillance system.
  • Pack a backpack. Include garments like a jacket, track pants, hood, cap, two t-shirts, socks, extra pair of shoes, food, water, and your documents, plus the documents that you have about your gang stalking group, torch, spare batteries, and sleeping bag, money. This is the bag to go if you need to get out of your home quickly.
  • Don’t think for one minute that they won’t come for you, because they will. So be prepared to leave.
  • Tell only your family and close friends where you’re going to make sure you stay in contact with them.
  • To protect your personal property from vandalism-get renter's insurance.
  • If you are experiencing any pain in a particular area of your body, pour water on the affected area. This program is not waterproof.
  • Enjoy your life and smile alot! Be happy! Do not let them steal your joy and do not isolate yourself. That is what they want you to do. Find a hobby and do something that makes you happy.
Sound Is Gateway To The Brain

It turns out that your ears are the gateway to your brain, consciously and subconsciously, so, one of the first two places on your body that your body hacker implants metallic crystals on, are your ears—front, back, and in your ear canal. For now, just know that something—some stuff...some type of matter (implant)—has been placed onto your physical body, and your car, and laptop and cell phone, and tablet… The other location almost as important as your ears are your eyelids. Using a spectrum analyzer, the body hacker will fine tune the digital tones that cause you to fall asleep and stay asleep, even against your will. That frequency is then played at the most inopportune times—for instance, you have an interview or some other important things to do. If, however, you’re ready to go to sleep, the exact opposite sound is used to keep you awake. Or, they let you fall asleep, only to wake you up abruptly, rudely, and painfully, by increasing the sound level or using metallic, abrasive tones.


Currently, you have no privacy. The Targeter knows if you’re on the toilet or in your bed. How? Metallic crystals at the back of your head or neck, set to a specific frequency. When you lay down, the signals tell the Targeter. Other crystals on your eyelids tell the Targeter/body hacker that you’re going to sleep. The same crystals will deliver the information that you’re in REM sleep. Noting that you’ve just fallen into a deep sleep is usually when you’re jerked awake. If your heart area has been covered with metallic crystals, that area is stimulated at the same time, causing your heart to race, as you’re jerked awake.

Audio and Video Bugs (Cameras) Beyond the on-skin implant, some TIs have audio bugs and video cameras in their home. If you’re hearing voices, it’s most likely that audio devices have been placed in and all around your home. Also, amplifiers have been placed all around you, so that the noise level you hear is very high.

Voice-2-Skull (V2K) Most Targeters do not understand V2K (voice-to-skull technology), but the very sophisticated ones do. Ham radio enthusiasts, who are also network engineers, software engineers, or who were in the military, who become body hackers, understand voice to skull technology. The reason why is that all radio frequencies, way back when (and today) use crystals. The research on the technical details continue (there’ll be a separate chapter later for those interested).

Bug Sweep

For those TIs hearing voices or feeling watched, first, have a professional do an audio/video bug sweep of your home. You can attempt to do it on your own, with equipment purchased online. However, professionals have sophisticated equipment and that’s what they do for a living, so they’ll be better at it than you. If the choice is you or nothing (because of the expense), then, of course, definitely do it on your own.

Erase Your Device

Targeters can hear you and your conversations, even if no audio/video bugs are in your home. One of the first tasks of a body hacker is to infiltrate your electronic devices: laptop, cell phone, and tablet…even your home phone, if you have one. Your electronic devices have been modified and “bugged” with software, so that the Targeter receives the texts you receive; the Targeter is a party to your phone calls; and, to the Targeter, your emails are an open book… He/she/they know your every move. It’s not mind reading, it’s technology mostly. Your technology includes your TV, because your TV’s UHF/VHF signals can be used for electronic harassment and surveillance. They “sniff” out your passwords with apps on their cellphones, via bluetooth, or other sophisticated listening device. Do not pair up any of your electronic devices with bluetooth. So, erase or replace all your technology—wipe them completely clean (total factory reset)—please backup to the cloud or usb drive first. Of course, if you don’t know how to do this, just go to the retailer’s store, and the techs there will help you.

TI’s Mind: Targeter Plays Mind Games

Mind games are a major part of making a TI come apart emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally. Targeters do pay people to enter your home (your space) while you are away (or the Targeter does it him/herself). The Targeter does move things or take things from your space. Targeters take random objects that have no meaning or purpose to anyone else but you, just to mess with you. You start feeling paranoid, or fear you’re losing your memory, while the Targeter begins to use words like paranoid schizophrenic around you. One way to identify your Targeter is listen to what those around you are saying; choice of words matter.

A common Targeter technique is to discredit a TI before the TI arrives anywhere (or after a TI leaves), so people readily believe a TI is crazy, before the TI opens his/her mouth. Imagine then, that a TI complains of what’s happening to him or her?

Medical Professionals

Medical professionals are a grey area, as some members of the medical profession are often employed as gangstalkers: nurses, nurses aides, technicians, and even doctors. Administrators give the orders, and everyone follows suit. The fear of losing one’s job is so real and so catastrophic, that medical professionals, who are charged with healing the sick, hurt their patients. I have witnessed this. One very critical piece of information for a lawyer and a celebrity to know is that, one major method of the initial physical contact needed to gain access to a famous individual, particularly in the case of movie stars, musicians, or others with financial power (a powerful business person, politician, or sports athlete), will be absolutely via that individual’s doctor, dentist, or other trusted medical caregiver.

Prescription Drugs

Medical professionals will be the first to recommend prescription drugs, as they are quick to invoke mental illness as a cause of a TI’s issues. Treating a non-mental health issue with medication is essentially exacerbating an already damaged body.

Bio-crystals and Chemicals on TIs

Bio-crystals are known to raise body temperature and dilate blood vessels. Using the bio-crystals in an unintended or unapproved way can cause death, and that is exactly what body hackers do. Chemicals being used on TIs are already in use in medical settings. One of these chemicals is barium sulfate. Barium Sulfate is used as part of the process to cause a TI to have a heart attack. As a liquid or powder, it is sprayed on the floor of the TI's home and auto. Walking barefoot on barium sulfate or inhaling it will affect the heart's functioning. If you’re a TI needing help, the recommendation is to avoid the mainstream medicine, at least initially. If you must seek medical help, find a practice that has a reputation for integrative or holistic healing methods—perhaps you have been badly burned by a remote laser (externally on your face or internally on an organ) and you need urgent care. Integrative practitioners' are educated in mainstream and alternative healing methods, thus more committed to the Hippocratic Oath.

Hacking TI's Data

Data Hacking

Hacking a TI's data includes hacking the passwords, as well as the following: Texts and Emails: Texts and emails are frequently deleted before the TI can access them. Sometimes the Body Hacker writes a programming script or uses email rules to reroute the TI's mail before it registers in the TI's emailbox. Modem and router security are paramount, but are areas most individuals don't even know to worry about. Voice Calls and Voice Mails: The TI's cell and home phone can be configured to not ring, and so voice calls get missed. Voice mails get deleted. They listen in on phone calls. Encryption phones like the Blackphone or Blackberry's Passport are recommended. Banking: A TI's bank information, bank account, credit cards, debit cards, in short...everything is an open book to the Body Hacker, via your router, modem, or other digital devices, all to wreak havoc in the TI's life. Security settings on your devices, even the browser that you use to surf the internet, all matter. Money will disappear out of a TI's account. Automatic deposits get missed...and so on. As a result, the TI's credit becomes less than stellar.


Gangstalkers are a group of individuals, working jointly, to target one individual. The collective actions of gangstalkers is known as gangstalking. Body Hackers don’t have to know their targets personally, and gangstalkers often do not personally know the target, having never met him/her/them before the personal attacks began. Gangstalkers are simply carrying out orders, as they are told—they are evil minions. Family members are often recruited too. Some Body Hackers are paid (it’s a job), and some do it for the fun of it. Regardless of who the hacker is, however, after a while, inflicting pain on another human being becomes an ordinary event to that hacker. Someone whose conscience bothered him/her upon becoming a gangstalker, quickly overcomes the societal norm to “not arbitrarily inflict harm on another person” and to play nice. Most Body Hackers become integrated into their smaller society (of other body hackers), in which they are part of the in group; they happily embrace their role as punisher of the outsider, the TI.

What Body Hackers Want

Motivations are many, though sometimes, there is no motivation—who can say that Jeffrey Dahmer, a serial killer now in prison, had a motivation other than he was pure evil? The main Body Hacker, and his/her hired minions of gangstalkers, take pleasure for every damage done to the TI: They Are getting even for real or imagined slights suffered at the hands of the TI, in their perception. Want to cause a TI physical pain, constantly and preferably until death. Want to totally dis-empower and disable the TI: no money, no relationships, and no life. In the case of a female TI, the main Body Hacker seeks to cause her humiliating societal pain as well, via attacking her face, thus disfiguring and embarrassing her. Billions of dollars of profit are made each year by cosmetics companies all the world over, because women have to look good. Imagine when not even cosmetics can improve anything on a face—the female TI simply looks startling, people pause and stare, and the woman loses self-esteem or her career. A facial attack also prevents the female TI from forming a new, romantic relationship, thus she is unable to move on from her Body Hacker, usually a jealous current or former love interest—or, perhaps a lover wannabe. Attacks against female TIs are very personal indeed, and reflect the pain of rejection felt by the primary Body Hacker, whether real or imagined, at the hands of that female TI. Drive a TI crazy. Literally, Body Hackers want the TI to mentally unravel. Create for the TI an appearance of dereliction, addiction (drugs or alcohol), or an outward state of being mentally unhinged. This creates a double-victimization. The TI is already victimized at the hands of the primary Body Hacker and gangstalkers, with an already difficult tale to tell; but, to also be dismissed as crazy, by a society which does not know or yet understand this type of attack, causes a tipping point. Isolate a TI from family members and his/her society at large. Cause a TI to lose his/her job, business, or livelihood, then prevent the TI from being able to financially recover—block access to a new job, new business client, etc. Kill the TI ultimately, with life insurance pay-offs (when it's a relative), and other financial gain as a bonus.

Cyber harassment and body hacking is a very personal crime. The death of the TI is a crime of passion, at arms length. Society is not even aware that a crime has been committed, thus the perpetrator(s) get off scott free. In fact, it's as if they were never there. A spouse who targets his/her spouse until death receives comfort, life insurance money, and the satisfaction of the death, when it's ruled as “natural causes.” A TI, aware of being cyber attacked and gangstalked, is best to change his/her routine daily to disrupt the gangstalking. More on techniques to thwart gangstalkers later, either in this or a subsequent book.