Targeted Assistance

Who is Ciara

My name is Ciara Tavares-Reyes, and I like most of you am a targeted individual of organized stalking and electronic harassment. I am originally from NYC and now reside on the west coast. I have been targeted for 8 years since becoming a  cyber dissident in 2013 on social media following the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in 2012. He lost his life at the hands of a neighborhood watch leader George Zimmerman. I became a social justice warrior and often touted my views opposing the invidious racism and the disproportionate treatment of African-Americans. My goal was to inform people about injustice awareness and black liberation through the use of a tautology. So I stand in support of the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement.


My Conviction

I firmly believe—if you are a person who witnesses a criminal or immoral act and you don't say anything, then you become a silent partner in its continuance. In addition to being a voice for black lives, I am now standing up for targeted individuals because I am one. I am also an independent thinker and an atheist. Still, I believe that religion does not lessen the targeting simply because you would be an ex-TI as soon as you prayed if that were the case. While I have no issue with theists, I feel that religious sparring and political combat are incongruent with the healing and the exposure required to aid TIs during this unrelenting torture program. We must not create an environment of discord within our community. 

If we are fighting each other, we aren't fighting to end the program, so let us show respect to those who view things differently. TIs are not always going to agree, and sometimes we have to agree to disagree.

Tavarciar Targeting

In December 2018, I found out that I was a TI. Starting in 2017, I rented an apartment and noticed all my neighbors following me every time I entered and exited my apartment, taking photos and recording my movements, as I checked my mailbox, following me on public transportation, in grocery stores, invading my space, sexually harassing me via catcalling and whistling, making sexual gestures or innuendos, inappropriate sexual commentary, smear campaigns, street theatre, directed conversations, etc., I started noticing petty vandalism to my apartment like tiny holes being made in the walls, paint smears, chipped cabinets doors, damaged power outlets, cut cords, opened mail, I can go on and on with that. So I decided to have the locks changed twice, thinking that would solve the issue, and it didn't.

My Trials

I often complained to the landlady and the police, who got frustrated with my frequent phone calls and emails regarding this issue. She and her apartment leasing agent often said that they were not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items to my personal belongings and blamed ME for the damages caused in the apartment. When I called the police, they refused to do anything about what I was experiencing and redirected me back to the landlady. They also suggested that I break my lease so I can ruin my rental history. I had to endure so much suffering, and I had nowhere to turn. I can also say that I was completely stressed out and could not understand why a landlady would not take my complaints seriously when I provided her documented proof of vandalism. Another thing I noticed, was that every conversation that we had in the privacy of our own home was repeated back to us by our neighbors. Upon further investigation, I found hidden recording devices in my bedroom closet.  

The Survival

The targeting affected me at my job, where co-workers even stalked me going to the bathroom and the break room. They were often two-faced people. I felt so angry, betrayed, and hurt that people could be so friendly at one moment and then turn on you like a vicious dog. Over time I had a rollercoaster of emotions. The pressure made me angry/hyper-reactive, hypervigilant, sensitized with increased anxiety and depression. I had nowhere to turn and could not understand what was happening to me and why no one would listen. My self-esteem dropped to an all-time low. My co-workers often gossiped to me about other co-workers trying to create a toxic work environment. At least one co-worker would bully me or sabotage my work. One example of this was when I cared for a patient on a ventilator who had to be in the  Fowler's position. I left the room, went back to go check on the patient and found her laying completely flat and struggling to breathe as she was aspirating on the fluids in her lungs. This could have resulted in my patient's demise. My employers could have blamed her death on me because I am the one that had the most contact with the patient, I reported to my chief nursing officer. I complained multiple times, but Instead of investigating my employer decided to terminate me based on my complaints. This was a blessing in disguise. It afforded me time to research gangstalking in the workplace. 


The Script That Flipped

After realizing that I was a targeted individual and after much pain and suffering, I decided to turn my negative emotions into something more positive. In March 2018, I had an idea about a podcast where I would talk to a particular audience, "THE TI COMMUNITY," and put together a promo about what I wanted the show to be about. In April, I created the Expressions podcast. It was a place to get the word out about targeting and other topics. Things were slow initially, but then the Expressions podcast slowly started picking up steam as I did the Organized Stalking Series, which provides other TI's answers to aid them throughout their targeting. In October 2020, I created a personal diary of my targeting called The Daily Target, a series within the podcast chronicling my everyday experiences with perpetrators. I was only able to squeeze out two episodes of this mini-series, and right after the second episode of the 3rd season, my show was snatched off the air with no explanation. So I complained to Spotify, who owns Anchor, and never really got an answer on fixing the situation. Spotify claimed it was a technical glitch they failed to fix when in actuality they were censoring my free speech. I was finally starting to reach my audience, exposing the targeting program and thats when they shut me down. When you are blocked and shut down from doing something that means you were doing everything right. 6 months later I realized that I was able to podcast again on Anchor. EXPRESSIONS season 4 is back and currently in syndication.


Exploring Alternative Options

The targeting was taking a severe toll on my marriage to husband Antonio Reyes, who was quite exhausted from hearing about the targeting so much that he decided to take me out of the country to Maracaibo, Venezuela but little did I know the targeting did not cease to end there. We came back to the states, sometimes living on the east coast and in the Rocky Mountains. But no matter where we went, the targeting continued, with the same script and a different cast. In June of 2020, we got divorced due to the mess that I got into. The divorce left me devastated because I invested so much into the marriage. Due to constant targeting, he imploded and decided it was better that we call it quits. The lesson learned here is that being a targeted individual, relationships, and friendships, even family, can be ruined because their goal is to isolate you so you have no one to turn to.