Targeted Assistance



Organized Stalking—The Invisible Crime

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Global Solutions for Vandalism, Cybercrimes & Other Hacking Troubles

Have you ever felt unsafe in your locality, or have you ever been a victim of stalking? If you have, then take some serious action so that it doesn’t happen to you again or to anyone in your circle. Targeted Assistance is a global organization that takes care of organized stalking, which is an ‘invisible’ crime.

Targeted Assistance

Our Specialty

Targeted Assistance is all about enhancing professionals, organizations, and systems to respond to online and offline stalking effectively. We envision a future in which society is safe from cyberstalking, vandalism, and all other forms of dangerous problems that are a risk to our lives. Our team is known to effectively collaborate and respond to stalking, improve safety, treat victims' well-being, and get hold of the offenders.

We were founded by Ciara Tavares-Reyes, an activist who understands the struggle of being a targeted individual. She, along with the team, focuses on two main issues:

  • Community stalking
  • Gangstalking
Targeted Assistance

Issues We Deal With

  • Directed Energy Weapons-microwave weapons create frequencies that can target people that can cause pain, upset stomach, headaches, skin burns, etc.
  • Home break-ins and petty vandalism
  • Illegal surveillance
  • Sexual harassment
  • V2K - Voice to skull technology
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Mobbing - Group of people stalking an individual
  • Electronic hacking
  • Pet torture
  • Mail tampering smear campaigns - unfounded rumors designed to smear your name.
  • Ghosting-Home break-ins that are designed to make a person question their sanity.
  • Re-Routed phone calls to fusion centers.
  • Street theater- harassment skits that are done in the view of the targeted individual.

                                                                                         Our Mission

                            To offer support and inspiration to others through leadership and subject matter expertise.